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Salil Goyalhe/himInstructor


Hi! I just finished studying applied math at Cal, and in my free time, I love biking to Grizzly Peak and eating the oat milk ice cream sandwiches from TJs in the sun. I think we’ll have a wonderful time doing some probability this summer; let’s take our chances 💯💯



Hello! I’m a student in the Statistics Department. Currently, I’m conducting research on graph coarsening methods for machine learning and statistical methods for epidemic characterization. I enjoy reading, writing, and learning. Feel free to ask me about classes, research, book recommendations, or anything else!

Course Staff

Angelashe/herTeaching Assistant


Hi! I’m a rising senior studying computer science and data science. In my free time, I like to take naps, listen to music, and have recently gotten into 3d origami. I look forward to meeting y’all! :)



Hi! I’m a rising junior studying data science and economics. I love to bake bread, read books, listen to music (i’m a big swiftie), hunt for good matcha lattes, and photosynthesize in the sun! Hope you all have a fantastic time in Data 88S this summer!