Ani Adhikari, August 2022

Data 88S (originally Stat 88) was developed in Fall 2015 along with Data 8, as a seminar course for about 25 students. The goal was for the participants to collectively discover some of the mathematics underlying Data 8 and then write it up correctly in a manner that would be accessible to their peers. Though the course has now changed substantially and serves hundreds of students each semester, its foundations were established by the class of Fall 2015:

Shreya Agarwal, Thomas Anthony, Bryannie Bach, Adith Balamurugan, Betty Chang, Aditya Gandhi, Dibya Ghosh, Edward Huang, Jiayi Huang, Weston Hughes, Arvind Iyengar, Andrew Linxie, Rahil Mathur, Nishaad Navkal, Kyle Nguyen, Christopher Sauceda, Rohan Singh, Parth Singhal, Max Weinstein, Yu Xia, Anthony Xian, and Ling Xie.

Dibya Ghosh continued to work with me on the textbook and was the editor of subsequent drafts.

Chris Holdgraf developed the system for publishing the book online.

In Fall 2019, the course was substantially redeveloped and the textbook enlarged in scope. The exposition owes much to two Berkeley texts: Probability by Jim Pitman, and the masterpiece Statistics by Freedman, Pisani, and Purves.

Francie McQuarrie was the principal driving force behind the organization of course materials and the program for developing future course staff. Ashley Chien reorganized the bank of textbook exercises and answers, and helped develop pedagogical guidance for staff.

The Stat 88 logo was created by Fall 2019 student Brandon Zhang as the winning entry in an end-of-term logo contest.

In Fall 2022, the class was relabeled Data 88S. To mark this change, course staff member Nathan Harounian designed the new logo that now enlivens the course website.