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Shobhana Stoyanov Photo

Shobhana Stoyanov

Email: shobhana

Staff Team

Adora Wen Photo

Adora Wen

Role: Reader

Email: adorawen

Hi! I'm Adora and I'm currently a sophomore studying Economics & Data Science. Some of my interests include theater, golf, guitar, and hosting wholesome potlucks! I loved this class and hope you will like it as much as I did <3

Archer Parry Photo

Archer Parry

Role: Reader

Email: archerp

Hi! I am a junior studying data science and economics. In my free time I enjoy playing games and naps.

Kate Gwimm Photo

Kate Gwimm

Role: Head uGSI

Email: kategwimm

Hi all, I'm a senior studying CS. In my free time I like to lay on the grass, nap, and eat spicy chips. I'm looking forward to this semester!

Lisha Zhai Photo

Lisha Zhai

Role: uGSI

Email: zhail24

Hi everyone! I’m Lisha, a junior studying data science and economics. I love traveling, singing, and eating a lot of good food. Looking forward to meeting you all!

Nathan Harounian Photo

Nathan Harounian

Role: uGSI

Email: nathanharounian

Hey! I'm a senior studying Statistics and Data Science. In my free time, I enjoy hanging out with my friends, listening to music, archery, and poker! I really enjoyed taking 88S and look forward to helping y'all this semester :)

Nic Ross Photo

Nic Ross

Role: Reader

Email: n.ross

Hi, I’m a second year studying Data Science from the UK. This semester I’m hoping to get some skiing in at Tahoe and watch Man Utd win some trophies!

Salil Goyal Photo

Salil Goyal

Role: Head uGSI

Email: salilgoyal

Hello! I'm a supersenior (clearly the chance to spend the semester with you all enticed me away from graduating! :) studying applied math. I love taking naps in the sun and eating the oat milk ice cream sandwiches from Trader Joe's.

Selena Li Photo

Selena Li

Role: uGSI

Email: selenajli

Hi! I'm Selena, a senior studying Applied Math and Stats. My hobbies include figure skating, poker, and trying new foods! Looking forward to a great semester with you all!

Tara Kulshrestha Photo

Tara Kulshrestha

Role: Reader

Email: tarakul

Hi! I'm a freshman from Los Angeles studying Data Science and Computer Science. In my free time, I like playing badminton, cooking, and spending time in the sun. I'm excited for this semester!